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Warming Eye Mask Hot Steam Mask Manufacturer in China

Warming eye mask heated eye mask Steam eye mask Supplier and Manufacturers In China, Invention patent + high quality +Best price


  1. Material : Iron powder,activated carbon,water,inorganic salts etc.
  2. Size : 18.5*8cm
  3. Temperature : 40°C (accept oem 35°C -55°C )
  4. Heating time : At least 30 minutes
  5. Flavor : Lavender,Chamomile,Rose,Grapefruit,Osmanthus,Jasmine…
  6. MOQ : 5000 Pcs
  7. Package : 1pc/bag 5bags/box 48boxes/carton
  8. 20GP QTY : About 200,000 Pcs

Product show

warming spa eye mask

warming eye mask details warming eye mask details-2 details-warming eye mask

Product Features

  1. Containing comfortable steam with around 40°C tepidity, which will soon bring comfortable feelings with tepidity and moist to eyes and skin.
  2. Relieving tiredness and tension, promoting blood circulation, removing eyes strain.
  3. Tepidity steam can be last 15 minutes, relieve eyes tiredness, improve eyes moisture, and soften skin around eyes.
  4. Easy to carry. You may use at any time, at bedtime, leisure time, noontime snooze, traveling on plane or train, rest time in office, etc.
Product Functions
  • 1,Help to fall asleep.
  • 2,Relieve eye dry,eye astringent,eye fatigue.
  • 3,Clear up dark circles.
  • 4,Keep the eyes moisture.

More Patterns

warming eye mask patterns

What is suitable for ?

what is suitable for - warming ye mask

Advantages of Warming eye mask

  • 1.Professional manufacturer of steam warming eye mask.
  • 2.Factory price with best quality.
  • 3.Accept customer order,available in design and package.
  • 4.Offer OEM sevice.
  • 5.Fast service and on-time delivery .
  • 6.Samples are avaible.

Friendly Notes

  • 1.Do not use any other eye masks, eye patches or eye related products while using this steam warming eye mask.
  • 2.Please use the steam eye mask after a little while if you have just used eyedrops.
  • 3.Please do not use if you have eye illness.
  • 4.Please stop to use if you feel overheating.
  • 5.Please take off contact lenses before use steam eye mask.
  • 6.Please stop to use if there’s redand swollen or any discomfort after use.
  • 7.If the material contents of steam eye mask break and touch your eyes, please wash it with clear water and consult with oculist eye doctor.
  • 8.Please do not shake or knead the steam eye mask.
  • 9.This product can’t be edible.

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