Faq about detox foot pad patch

Faq about detox foot pad patch

Frequently Asked Questions about Detox foot patch

Why Detox yourself?

We now live in a toxic environment and consume foods that contain destructive contaminants such as heavy metals. Often such toxins cannot be removed by the normal elimination processes of the kidney/liver, and a build up of these contaminants in our body can interfere with the normal functioning of our immune system. As a result, we may experience a variety of symptoms such as fatigue, headaches and skin rashes. Detoxing helps rid the body of the build up of toxins and consequently helps alleviate these symptoms.

Why use Patches/pads on the Foot?

Oriental medicine believes that toxins gather as far from the heart as possible, i.e. around the foot area. This is the body’s natural way of protecting vital functions. Also at an energetic level, the foot is a very active place on our body, as it contains more than 60 acupuncture points that correspond with the whole body. Applying the detox patches on the soles of the feet stimulate these acupuncture points, affecting the body’s circulation. Foot patches encourage ‘self-healing’ by eliminating toxins and promoting improved circulation.

What are the ingredients and what are detox foot patches’ benefits?
  1. Minus Ion: aids the body’s immunity , increase flow of oxygen, and neutralises pollutants.
  2. Bamboo Vinegar: contains over 200 organic compounds and is used in a large variety of products. It is antibacterial, a circulation improver and a steriliser. Used in foot patches as a detoxifier, it draws out toxins and improves circulation.
  3. Wood Vinegar: is the distillate of carbonised bamboo. The organics nutrients are especially good for pulling out poisons in the body for detoxifying, sanitation and improving circulation.
  4. Tourmaline: semi-precious gemstone, produces a detoxifying and cleansing effect on the body, helps clear blockages and improves circulation , reducing stress. It is the heating ingredient felt in the detox patches. The negative Ion exchange encourages the transmuting of harmful positive ions into healthful negative ions, thus ionising and accelerating the removal of waste through a kind of osmosis, expelling negative energy out of the body through the feet.
  5. Vitamin C: supports bone, cartilage, muscle, and blood vessels. It also helps maintain capillaries, bones and teeth and aids in the absorption of iron, Acts as a stabiliser for the foot patch.
  6. Carapace: accelerates the water solubility between the skin cells, assisting in the removal of fluids safely from the body.
  7. Plant powder: is a vegetable plant fibre used to prolong the lifetime of the detox foot patches. Its fibres prevent the ingredients from hardening.
  8. Cornstarch: assists in absorbing moisture in the foot patch.
Are Detox Foot Patches safe to use?

Yes. Foot patches are applied externally and the body does not absorb any chemicals whatsoever. They merely support the body’s innate functions.

Are there any side effects from using the patches?

As with any detox program, Foot patches may leave you feeling slightly weak, fatigued or nauseous in the first couple of days. Joint pain or mild headaches may also occur. Tiredness indicates that your body may require extra rest or sleep as it starts to extract the toxins from your body. These symptoms will improve after a few nights’ use of the Foot patches.

How To Use Detox Foot Patches?
  1. Attach Foot patches to the soles of the feet at bedtime. An adhesive patch is used to hold the patch in place, and socks may prevent the patch being rubbed off during sleep.
  2. Patches come sealed in a clear plastic packet to preserve them. Similar to a tea bag, the contents can be seen inside the patch. Break the seal and place the patch onto an adhesive sheet. Place one Foot patch and sheet on the sole area of each foot. In the morning, remove the adhesive and clean the foot with warm, soapy water. They are clear in colour when applied, and become light to dark brown and with varying degrees of moisture. Used patches usually have a strong smell.
  3. Do not place patches over eyes or on damaged skin.
What is the recommended regimen of detoxification with these patches?

Choose your own regimen. As you progress, expect the patches to become drier after use. Our own experience has been to use them for 3 to 5 nights and then stop for 3 nights, then repeat the process once more.

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